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Medical Marijuna Essay

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The role of a healthcare provider is to consider and be knowledgeable of all treatments and choose the one that is going benefit them more than it is going to harm them, while still granting the patient their autonomy. (w22h) Depending on the situation and the certain disease or illness, this can be a rough decision, especially when a patient isn’t aware of a treatment. Many turn down even the consideration of medical marijuana as a treatment, because of the bad reputation that just the name of the drug alone has and how a lot of the time, it is used for illegal recreational purpose when high in THC. Although there are many ethical concerns about medical marijuana, it can alleviate severe symptoms from chemotherapy, fibromyalgia, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and many other sources of pain, and patients have the right to receive any beneficial treatment. ( Because medical marijuana can benefit certain patients, healthcare providers should fully inform their patients of this treatment, and after they fully understand, decide together if medical marijuana will do more good for the patient than evil. This drug should always be a known choice for patients with qualifying ailm...

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