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Better Health For The Future Essay

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Planning Better Health for the Future

Planning Better Health for the Future
Almost every industry in the country is suffering, including health care, meaning that there are specific areas of interest where budgets might have to be cut in order to stay within the given limits. The National Center for Health Statistics has established the Healthy People 2010 for tracking the nation’s health. There are 28 focus areas mentioned in Healthy People 2010, ten of which, being the most important to address if budgetary restraints limited the studies of these specific areas. Implementing programs to ensure the budgets for each area are maintained, and to design a plan B if the budget was lowered, could help keep up with the need for improvements, regardless of limited budgets. If the program was to fail, the impact of the areas could prove detrimental, causing new areas of concern for the health care world.

The first five areas that could be considered most important to address if budgetary restraints limited the study and research include: cancer, diabetes, HIV, heart disease and stroke, and medical product safety. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death, accounting for 7.6 million deaths in 2008 ( If budgetary restraints limited this specific study and the ability to re...

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