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Guided Reflection On Community Health Nursing Essay

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 In this paper, I will be explaining my perception of my community placement in the context of community as partner by reflecting on my interactions with a target group of the population which include pre and post natal mothers who are in vulnerable situations in the community. I will also describe this group of population using various sources and share some experiences which helped me gain an insight into their lived experiences and the health issues and concerns within this group with the intention of enacting different health promotional strategies to address some of their needs. In developing my learning goal, I had to assess the needs of this target group (which include pregnant teenagers or adults 21 years of and under, cognitively impaired pregnant women, pregnant women who are homeless, pregnant women with a history of mental illness, and pregnant women who are newcomers or have been less than 3 years in Canada are isolated and having their first child) by using the Family Assessment Instrument tool to identify certain indicators that put these mothers at risk for ineffective parenting. In doing this, I have to take into consideration that different clients have their different needs and how to go about working with these mothers in order to help promote positive parent-child relation so as to achieve optimal growth and development of their children. After carrying out my assessment on a majority of these mothers, I found out that low income, poor housing and living conditions, low educational status, lack of social support were some of the principal factors amongst these women who were predominantly first time mothers. These factors if not properly addressed could hinder effective parenting, so I it imperative to develop my learning goal on increasing parental knowledge on the growth and development of their babies. Infancy is the foundation or period when important physical, emotional, intellectual and social changes take place in a child’s life especially during the first year of life; therefore a healthy infancy will set the pace for a healthy adulthood. In developing my learning plan, I choose the concept of g...

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