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Health And Social Care Level 3 Essay

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1.1 Explain the features of a reading book that you would create for a specified age group in order to develop a child's intellectual skills, their colour recognition and their shape recognition. Children aged 3-8 years old.

Intellectual skills will need the following features: The book will have lots of subtle, bright pictures to attract their attention because children lose focus easily and this keeps them focused and interested in the book. The pictures will tell a continuous story. The child will be able to enjoy, and get familiarized with the characters in the book. The words will be in large font, maintain proper spacing, and the book should be about 32 pages long to make sure the children do not get bored. The book will have pop-up pages with different characters, and materials to help them to participate through movement, touching, clapping hands and feeling different materials. The book will consist of words, pictures and numbers. The numbers will increase their math skills, and there will be questions for them to c...

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