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Skills And Characteristics Of Mental Health Essay

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Skills and Characteristics of Mental Health
CJHS 410

Skills and Characteristics of Mental Health
Human Service Workers require a multitude of characteristics, one of them being able to have the compassion for others to ensure that success in life be prioritized for troubled human beings. They must be able to work with clients from all over the world which includes individuals from many different backgrounds. We can easily say that Human Service Workers are one of the most hardest working people in this world. Clients include those suffering from severe mental illnesses, alcohol and drug addictions, physical and verbally abused women, men, and children. The importance of a mental health worker is crucial to the criminal justice system. Without their work and dedication, the criminal justice system would fail and we would have a constant revolving of criminals and individuals who need help just constantly re-entering the system. The goal of mental health services is to rehabilitate those who need the help and ensure they do not enter the system again. This paper will identify services provided by the San Diego Parolee Re-Entry Treatment Program located in the California as well as describe the characteristics and skills needed to effectively deliver mental health services to the targeted population. Furthermore, this paper will describe characteristics, skills and actions needed by social and mental health workers and how they differ from agents of government.

San Diego Re-Entry Treatment Program
The San Diego Re-Entry Treatme...

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