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Heart Healthy Family
African American and Heart Disease
Heart disease is the #1 killer for all American’s, and the fourth leading cause of death. As scary as this sounds African-Americans are at a much higher risk for getting heart disease, 44% men and 48% women. There is good news however, African-Americans can improve their odds of preventing this disease, by taking simple steps to prevent them. First you need to understand how the heart works. The heart is muscle, with blood vessels leading in and out. It works like a large pump, pushing blood from the bag and through the blood vessels. The blood carries oxygen, nutrients,...

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/dhdsp/data_statistics/fact_sheets/fs_aa.htm /heart-disease/features/why-african-americans-greater-risk-heart-disease /heartorg/conditions/more/myheartandstrokenews/african-americans-andheartdisease_ucm_444863_article.jsp 1 2009 2014 44 48 abdomen abnorm achiev activ address african african-american alcohol american ankl anxieti appetit arm arteri associ attack back bag beat begin beyond blood bodi breath calori care carri caus center check chest cholesterol cloth cold color comfort communiti confus congenit consumpt contact control coronari day death decreas deliv diabet diet difficulti diseas disorient distribut doctor eat edema elimin email enjoy exercis explor factor failur faint famili fat fatigu feel feet find first flat follow food fourth fri friend fruit full gain get good greyish group guidelin health healthi heart heartburn high higher histori howev improv indigest intak irregular jaw k killer lack larg last lead leg less let lie lightheaded like limit loss low lung maintain memori men middl minut monitor much muscl nausea neck need new news nutrient obes odd one option output oxygen pain palpit peopl phone physic pick plenti pressur prevent product promot pump push race rapid regular rememb rest restless retriev return risk salt scari shoe short shoulder sign simpl skin smoke sometim sound spread step stress sugar sweati swell take talk teaspoon teeth telephon think tire tissu tool total unabl uncomfort understand unsteadi up upper urin us valv varieti veget vessel vomit warm warn wast weak wear web webmd weight women work