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Understand Health And Safety In Social Essay

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Understand health and safety in social care setting
Outcome 1
1.1 –
It is vital that there is an understanding of the legislations below for general health and safety in the health and social care setting: • Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HASWA/HSW)
• Manual Handling Operations 1992 (MHOR)
• Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health 2002 (COSHH)
• Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences (Amendment) Regulations 2012 (RIDDOR). • Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981
• The provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (1998) • The management Welfare Regulations.
• Personal Protective Equipment Regulation.
• Food Hygiene Act (1995).
• Environmental Protection Act (Waste Disporsal1990)
• Hazardous Waste Regulation (2005)
1.2 – The main points of health and safety policies and procedures are Roles and responsibilities relating to health and safety in the work setting Health and safety risk assessments
Moving and handling
Responding to accidents and sudden illness
Agreed ways of working medication and healthcare tasks
Handling hazardous substances
Preventing the spread of infection
Fire safety in the work setting
Security measures in the work setting
Managing stress
Food safety

1.3 –
a) A social care workers responsibility is to:
Have an understanding put into practice health and safety procedures. Take responsibility of their own health and safety but also the safety of others around them that may be affected by their actions. Make sure they are cooperative with their employer with health and safety by following set procedures in the work place. Confidentiality

To ensure that equipment is safe and suitable before use.
b) A employer or managers responsibilities are:
Training of employees is up to date
Carry out risk assessments when needed
To make care plans
Give correct information to employees
Give correct PPE
Take necessary action when an employee reports an issue
c) An individual’s responsibilities are:
All other staff, such as domestic and maintenance must follow all policies and procedures similar to that of the social care worker, Any visitors, including doctors, relatives, nurses and contractors must follow all health and safety protocols, Record and report health and safety related concerns or incidents

1.4 – identify tasks relating to health and safety that should be carried by special training include manual handling, medication, hygiene in food, handling chemical substances, using hoists and slings, clinical waste disposal, first aid and Emergency procedures 1.5 Accessing additional information and support relating to health and safety you can do this my asking a senior member off staff, use the internet to research what you wanted to know, books, leaflets and trained professionals just makes sure that is a reliable source of information.

Outcome 2 Understand the use of risk assessments in relation to health and safety

2.1 –
According to the health and safety authority a hazard is defined as ‘a potential source of harm or adverse health effect on a person or persons and a risk is defined as ‘. The likelihood that a person may be harmed or suffers adverse health effects if exposed to a hazard The example they use to contextualise the two is very clear and very helpful. ‘ If there was a spill of water in a room then that water would present a slipping hazard to persons passing through it. If access to that area was prevented by a physical barrier then the hazard would remain though the risk would be minimised.

2.2 –
To be able to use a health and safety risk assessment you must be able to spot hazards and evaluate what the hazard poses, for example you see in the clients home that there is an obstacle in the way of an entrance restricting the space so some walkers wouldn’t be able to get past safely this would be a high risk of falling Afterwards the risk assessment should have been reviewed and any findings that you make should be recorded appropriately, and changes made to further ensure that persons health and safety, perhaps by amending the work you have already done with the risk assessment and it should be reported to either your senior or manager that risk assessment is complete.

2.3 Reporting health and safety risks that have been identified. It is important for all staff to be able to report any possible identified health and safety risks. They should be confident in knowing how and when to act upon it. In the care working environment the employer must make their employees know that it is of the upmost importance that they are to act upon and report any possible health and safety risks that could potentially put others in a place of harm or injury in the work place. They must be aware that even if the recognised problem has already been flagged and documented they are still responsible in reporting it to ensure the correct procedures can be put into place. This will aid in the help of rectifying the hazard that has been reported. There will already be the properly implemented measures to reduce any possible health and safety risks. But the action and knowledge of the procedure of reporting and documenting all occurrences of physical, viral, injuries and sickness and also any potential risks of accidents is still a vital procedure that must never be ignored. Within all Framework services they have policies and procedures in regard of reporting all health and safety incidents and accidents in place. They outline the importance of documenting and reporting in writing and also speaking of any possible preventable accidents no matter how large and small they may seem. In all any recognised health and safety issues the Framework is that they are reported to the line manager who is in the position of acting on the assessment of the hazard. All accidents and risks must always be clearly documented and reported with the correct time and date accordingly to give a true and accurate account of the incident. An on-going assessment of the health and safety in the workplace is vital to prevent any dangers occurring or being missed.

2.4How a risk assessment can help address dilemmas between an individual’s rights and health and safety concern. Risks are an important part of our everyday lives we are encouraged to take them to possibly reach our set goals whether it will be for our working life or personal achievement’s. For others who may need special needs support they may be actively deterred from taking such risks. This could be due to a fear of them coming to harm or they may not be able to cope with the results of their actions. This could result in them becoming less confident with the purpose of their life and their right to be an independent individual. Legislation and workplace policies have been implemented to support such problems occurring. They enable these individuals to be given the appropriate support and help that they require to be able to live in society as independent as possible without the fear of being a health and safety risk to themselves or others. Health and training for the support workers will help them with confronting any possible problems that could arise whilst helping the person who requires their help in becoming more independent. Continuous observation and of reviewing practice and procedures are put into place to ensure that the ...

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