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Challenges Of Six Sigma In Healthcare Essay

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Barriers and challenges prior to implementing and deploying of Six Sigma business strategy in healthcare study:

1. The first and foremost challenge is the initial investment in Six Sigma Belt System training. 2. The absence or difficulty to obtain the baseline data on process performance is another major challenge while applying Six Sigma in health care sector. 3. There will be lots of data available in the health care sector, however, most of the time these data are not readily available for its analysis. 4. For health care industry, it is often a struggle to identify processes which can be measured in terms of defects or errors per million opportunities. 5. Another barrier to Six Sigma deployment in health care industry is the psychology of the workforce. 6. Last but not the least, it is important to present recommendations using the business language rather than the statistical language.

Key Questions for Effective Six Sigma Deployment in Healthcare | * 1. Where are the best opportunities for Black Belt driven, DMAIC projects? Consider: Data access and availability; potential return on time invested; and ability to gain stakeholder support. | * 2. What methods and tools wil...

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