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P3-Explain factors that may influence communication and interpersonal interactions in health and social care environments

The effectiveness, or success, of communication and interaction in health and social care settings is influenced by a number of factors. Some of these factors promote interaction and effective communication, while others can limit interaction and be a barrier to effective communication. Care professionals can often overcome ‘barriers’ to effective communication by: • being aware of possible problems and solutions

• adapting their interaction approach and communication skills to take account of likely ‘barriers’ • making simple modifications to the physical environment of a care setting.

Environmental factors
Communication can be helped/hindered by many factors within the environment we are, some of the essential factors that can hinder communication are: • Noise
• Setting
• Seating
• Lighting
• Space
• Time
Aspects of the physical environment can affect the quality of communication between people and may even deter individuals from making an effort to communicate with one another in the first place. In particular, the nature of the setting in which communication takes place, noise levels, the arrangement of seating, the quality of lighting, and the amount of available space and time can all impact on the effectiveness of interaction and communication. It is very hard to hear what someone is saying if there is a lot of background noise. It is also very difficult to make sense of other people’s facial expressions if you can’t see their faces properly due to poor lighting. Rooms with awkward seating positions might mean that a group of people cannot see each other comfortably. People sometimes feel uncomfortable if they are trying to communicate with a person who is too close or at a distance. A room that is too hot, stuffy or cold may inhibit communication if it makes people feel tired or stressed. The environment also plays an important role in the effectiveness of communication aids. For instance, hearing aids will increase background noise as well as the voice of the speaker. A noisy environment may therefore be difficult and unpleasant for someone who is using a hearing aid. Good lighting will be critical for someone who supports their understanding of speech with lip reading.

A barrier blocks things and stops them ‘getting through’. There are different types of communication barrier that stop communication from being effective. Where the first and second types of barriers exist, it will usually be obvious that communication has failed. However, distorted understanding is not always easy to identify. Skilled use of the communication cycle may help you to check what has been understood or what communication barriers may exist. Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol and drugs can influence a person’s ability to send clear verbal and non-verbal messages. Drugs that affect the functioning of the central nervous system can easily result in messages not being received or understood and also distorted interpretations of the message, drug and alcohol use can cause barriers in communication due to distorted interpretations and lack of understanding. This may cause people to become frustrated and aggressive. Use of abuse and power The general social care council requires all workers to respect individuality and support people who use services to control their lives. However there is also danger that if a care work...

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