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Health And Social Essay

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Functionalism, is the idea within sociology, that society is built up by different parts, which all work in cohesion with one another to function in an effective manor. Functionalism consists of various components, which all work together in order for society to function. Functionalism cannot exist successfully if one components is not working with other society’s. The society’s which exist within functionalism are: The health system; the political system; family; education system; religious groups and the work/economics system. Each part of society, has an obligation to ensure that functionalism remains stable.

Each of the society’s are responsible for instilling common values, in order for society to function efficiently. For example, the political system, is expected to instil laws and legislations, by which society are meant to abide by. Without the instilment of these values, the work and economic system may suffer, due to the number of

criminals who are not into work. This would have a domino affect across the society’s, causing family institutions to break down.

The functionalistic view on family’s, is that the family type should be one of a nuclear family. Functionalists believe that a family should consist of a working father, house wife type mother and one or two children. They believe that without this classic structure, the family can not function efficiently. However, in recent times, studies show

196531 Monet Davies Lambert

that the number of nuclear family’s has decreased ‘’ The number of people living in family homes with children fell from 52% in 1961 to 36% in 2009, the ONS says.’’ (BBC news 2010) This is due to the current downfall of the economic climate ,resulting in more couples choosing not to have children, due to the rising cost of living. Furthermore, people are beginning to form unconventional fam...

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