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Obamas Health Care And The Rawls Essay

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The question presented here will be whether or not Barack Obama’s plan for health care reform follows the guidelines and principles of philosopher John Rawls’ theory of justice. John Rawls teachings and writings were and still are extremely relevant in the world of political philosophy. Now, the view of many opposing philosophers is that justice should be given based on merit, and this is also the tendency in modern society. Rawls, however, proposed a theory that justice should be based on fairness. He suggested that the laws and principles of society and government should provide equal opportunity to all people. This same philosophy should be used in creating the regulations fro our nations health care plan. Before we discuss how Obama’s plan matches up in comparison to Rawls’ theory, let us first point the basic principles of said theory. As I said, Rawls’ theory of justice is that the principles and restrictions in a society should be considered fair an acceptable by all of its members. How can all the different people in society agree upon what is fair? The different social standings of people in society and other circumstances of this nature, make this act seem impossible. Rawls has a sim...

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