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Medical Model Essay

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Medical model
a. Treatment rather than prevention
Public health model
a. Disease prevention rather than treatment
b. Emphasize health promotion
Aspects of health:
a. Physical health
b. Social health
c. Intellectual health
d. Emotional health
e. Spiritual health
f. Environmental health
Determinants of health:
a. Individual behavior
1. Lack of physical activity
2. Poor nutrition
3. Excessive alcohol consumption
4. Tobacco use
b. Biology and genetics: nonmodifiable determinants
1. Your own history of illness and injury is included
c. Social factors
(a). Economic factors:
1. Lack of quality education
2. Poor housing with potential exposure to …
3. Unable to pay for nourishing food, warm clothes and sturdy shoes, utilities, medications supplies, transportation and counseling services 4. Insecure employment or low-paying job
5. Few assets to fall back on
(b). Built environment:
(c). Pollutants and Infectious Agents

d. Policymaking
1. Banning smoking
2. Mandating seat belt use
3. Vaccination programs
4. Public funding for mental health
e. Health services
1. Health insurance
Models of Behavior Change
a. Health Belief Model: When will the belief affect behavior change 1. Perceived seriousness of the health problem
2. Perceived susceptibility to the health problem (immediate pleasure vs long-term cost) 3. Cues to action(reminded or alerted to take action)
b. Social Cognitive Model : three factors
1. Social environment in which we live
2. Our thoughts or cognitions
3. Our behaviors
c. Transtheoretical Model: go through stages before the final change 1. Precontemplation: no current intention of changing
2. Contemplation: recognition of the problem
3. Preparation: plan of actions
4. Action: follow action plans
5. Maintenance: make a change permanent
6. Termi...

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