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Health History Essay

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I. Biographical data: Name: S.K Date of birth: November 28,1986 Age: 26 Gender: Female Height: 155cm Weight: 55kg Address City: Edmonton, Alberta Phone: 780-6685675 Occupation: Student Marital Status: Single Religion: Sikh Emergency Contact #: 7807072266 Relationship to Client: Mother II. HEALTH HISTORY Present health history Client claimed that to be in good health until she then experienced some health problems for about two months now . The health problems are minor as the most studying students have . The client has complained about her irregular sleeping habits . She said that she is only been getting three to five hours of sleep a day which makes her feel stress to work on her daily activities . According to her, she encounters this problem when she is emotionally and physically stressed out but she never tried any medication for treatment instead, she only need some sleep . Sometimes she experienced muscle pains particularly on her lower extremities . She claims that prolonged standing or walking causing her this problem .

Past health history
During infancy years, the client did not experience any sickness according to her mother . During childhood years, the client suffered from chicken pox, mumps, sore eyes and ear infection caused by impacted cerumen . Client had complete ...

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