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The Effects Of Medical Marijuana Fina Essay

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The Effects of Medical Marijuana
Why are people scared of medical marijuana being legalized? Perhaps people think that it is a gateway drug, and people will start using hard core drugs. Another reason is that people will probably over use it and sell it more illegally, but people think that it can be good alternative also. Because pain pills are not as effective as medical marijuana, it should be offered as an option (Szalavitz). There are good and bad things about smoking medical marijuana (weed). One of the bad things is that the inhale of smoke is bad for your throat and lungs. Also, in men it reduces the sexual reproduction which means that sperm count will be lower than normal, and the sperm will not be as fertile. In females, it can interrupt the menstrual cycle. It can also cause you to have blackouts, and you will not be able to remember what happens when you smoke. For pregnant women, they should not ...

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