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Health Safety And Nutrition In Early Essay

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Class 1 and 2 - July 9, 2013 Intro and DNA (Unit 1)

Introductions and Unit 1

Log absence on angel if you want to negotiate a missed evaluation Ask for extension 4 days in advance if you want it

Policies (Program Standards Handbook)
• Academic offense
• Social media
• Extensions
• Missing a class

Health, Safety and Nutrition
• This course will address the interrelationship of health, safety and nutrition in the environment of the developing child. Stress will be placed on the prevention, and recognition of illness and injury to children in group care. Good health and nutrition practices appropriate for children will also be addressed.

Presentation - topic selection next class
• Select a couple of topics that intrigue you or your group
• Select a number
• You will provided with an opportunity to select your topic according to the number you selected
• E.g. #1 select 1st

Unit 1 - Health Promotion
• What do you need to be healthy?

Two Components of Canada's Health Care System
1. Personal Health Care System
a. Includes conventional medical service
b. Movement towards complementary medical practices & social services
2. Public Health Care System
a. Provides and supports a wide range of programs, such as:
b. Disease surveillance and responses to outbreaks
c. Advocacy for healthier public policies, improved skills and support for improved community health behaviour
d. Immunization programs
e. Inspection of health standards for early childhood facilities

The 5 Principles of Medicare
1. Universality: available to all Canadians
2. Comprehensiveness: covers all necessary procedures
3. Portability: coverage accepted in all provinces and territories and limited coverage outside of Canada
4. Publicly Administered: public authority accountable to the provincial/territorial government
5. Accessibility: All Canadians have equal opportunity to obtain medical services

WHO's (World Health Organization's) definition of Health:
“…the extent to which an individual or group is able, on the one hand, to realize aspirations and satisfy needs; and, on the other hand, to change or cope with the environment.”
• ONE OF THE FIRST QUESTIONS ON THE TEST IS THIS DEFINITIONS - doesn't have to be word for word (can be 'the absence of illness and the ability to recognize your aspirations / have control over your own life)

Social Determinants


• Socially constructed “gendered” norms influence health practices and systems.

Income and Social Status
• Higher social & economic status is associated with better health.

Education and literacy
• Higher education is associated with better health.
• Linked to SES.
• Access, understanding, skills for problem solving =sense of control.

Employment and w...

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