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Healthcare Market Essay

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Health Care Market

Health Care Market
The healthcare industry is experiencing degrees of stress on many of the services provided. This is due to a many reasons. The aging population or baby boomers will continue to place expense pressures on the industry as they age creating increased needs related to basic maintenance care leading to potential for placement in long-term care. Currently the government on the state and federal levels is trending toward decreased reimbursement for services provided. Currently the United States is the largest spending country per capita in developed countries related to healthcare spending without outcomes supporting the expense. Further complicating the industry is the insurance industry as stakeholders limiting risk pools to protect optimum profitability. Government intervention within the healthcare industry in 2011 with the idea of supporting high risk pools and mandating insurance will provide funding for the industry, yet the long-term outcomes are yet to be realized. Baby boomers impact on the healthcare industry over the next 10-40 years will likely place the most ...

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