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Sci 162 Principles Of Health And Wellness Essay

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Week 1
1. Assignment: Scavenger Hunt
2. 1. List the two goals of Healthy People 2010?   Two goals of healthy people 2010 are Increase Quality and Years of Healthy Life and Eliminate Health Disparities

  2. List two options available for accessing information on the page of Healthy People 2010? Two options for accessing information on the page are the resource listing and the search engine.

  3. What are three of the leading health indicators listed on the Healthy People 2010 site? Three leading healthy indictors’ listed on healthy people 2010 are Physical Activity, Overweight and Obesity, and Tobacco use.

  4. What are the three partners listed on the Implementation page? Three partners listed on the implementation page are Federal Agencies, Healthy People Consortium, and MOU Partners.

  5. List two search options that are available when you click the Search tab? Two search options that are available when you click the search tab are This Website and Latest Data.

  6. How many focus areas are listed within the page? There are 28 focus areas are listed in the

  7. List three of the priorities listed when you click on Leading Health Indicators and select the LHIs: Priorities for Action link. Physical Activity, Overweight and Obesity, and Tobacco use

  8. What part of the Web site did you find most useful? The topics and objectives tab is most useful because it provides a lot of good information on different topics.

  9. What resources located on this Web site would you consider using in the future? Again, the topics and objectives tab because it gives me a lot of insight on a lot of diseases and health issues. It also gives you good resources do research as well.

  10. Which part of the Web site did you find to be the most interesting? Be a healthy Person was most interesting for me. 3.
Week 1 DQ 1
think that every person has their own opinion as to what is important when it comes to health and wellness. I think that you physical health is important. I am not huge but I am not small. I do not work out but I have a baby so I am very active. I think social health is a very important part of health and wellness. I think those who do no interact with others are more depressed. I love to talk to other and be involved in social events. I think if you stay home all the time and never talk to anyone, it puts you down. Emotional health is something I need to work on. I hold many things in to try and not hurt anyone but in the end, I explode. I think that is an important I had a friend who killed herself because instead of talking about how she felt she stayed to herself. It is crazy because she was out going and fun to be around. I really think it is something I need to work on. I think that all parts of health and wellness are important but these are the knows that stick out to me. Week 1 DQ 2

Being positive can help individuals overcome challenges by allowing them to realize their true potential. Individuals who have negative attitudes often give up on tasks and challenges without truly putting effort into the situations. Along with this idea, is the element of fear as discussed by Sarah Reinertsen. When she talks about fear being something that one cannot allow to stop them is very integral part of a positive frame of mind. Fear can be a blinding force making challenges seem insurmountable. Pushing through these fears can have a positive effect and increase one’s self confidence.  In line with a positive attitude is the idea of balancing mind and body. If the body is weak or tired this can have the same affect on the mind. As well when an individual is mentally fatigued or depressed this state can cause the body to feel sluggish. Find the balance between mind and body is not an easy thing. There are many methods and they all seem to vary. But a healthy dose of exercise and eating properly mixed with overcoming life’s challenges seemed to work with Sarah Reinertsen. Week 1 DQ 3

One of the most important factors in producing behavioral change and life altering changes comes from Self efficacy.  Self efficacy is defined as an individual’s belief that he or she is capable of achieving certain goals or performing at a level that may influence events in life.19 In general, people who exhibit high self-efficacy are confident they can succeed, and they approach challenges with a positive attitude. Knowing about this factor can be very important in guiding personal changes in people.   The idea of self efficacy is not just a simplified concept of ‘mind over matter’. There is actual empirical evidence that verifies the strength of self efficacy. In smoking studies, smokers who quit permanently consistently score higher on self efficacy tests. Individuals who recover from traumatic injuries also consistently recover faster when they exhibit high degrees of self efficacy. For these reasons, having awareness of self efficacy can be a significant factor in accomplishing goals. Week 1 DQ 4

One dimension of health and overall well being is social health. Social health is the ability to interact with others, ability to adapt to social situations, and use social resources and support in times of need and the ability to maintain social support and social bonds. Being able to form positive relationships between family and friends helps promote one's overall well being. Being able to interact socially with others and maintain positive and meaningful relationships helps one self promote their own self worth and belonging. Social health also incorporates the way we react to others in and negative ways. Having a lack of social health results in agressive acts of prejudice towards others.  This results in acts of discrimination, hate, and intent to harm others on purpose. Usually socially unhealthy individuals lack the ability to listen to others, shows forms of expression, the ability to form and maintain healthy relationships, or act in socially  acceptable or responsible ways. Being able to support and maintain healthy relationships will improve your overall satisfaction and quality of life by having people and resources that you can count on in times of need or distress.  Week 1 DQ 5

I would like to change my Spiritual health in a positive way because I am seeking answers to something greater than the purely physical or personal dimensions of existence. I would like to increase my faith more and to hope beyond my circumstances and of course I can improve on love to respect others regardless of who they are. I would like to get more involved with my community, volunteering to help others, doing charitable work, donating resources to help people in need and of course give back to the community and to people who have supported me throughout my career. I would have to say again, my spouse is the individual that I would expect to help me with my spiritual health. I would have to say that he is a very spiritual and positive person. I have never heard a negative thing to come out of his mouth about another individual and we have been married 8-years. I have learned from him to give more than you receive. Love more than you are loved back. Reach out to other people needs and especially the elderly and children and don't give up on hope and always have faith. My short term goal would be growth, to let nature take it course and believe in hope and have faith in something greater than myself and be courageous and do not be afraid to love and believe in hope without fear or doubt. So, I would say that this is a growing process of getting where I need to be. 1.

Assignment: How Much Am I Actually Eating?

Axia College Material
Appendix C

1. How well did you do? Were you generally in agreement with the quiz?

Answer: I did ok on the quiz. I do agree with what it had to say. After the assignments I have done this week and reading the food labels I understand more now also what to eat portion wise. I understand the portion sizes and what I should be eating.

2. How do you think having a better understanding of serving sizes may help you monitor the amount of saturated fat, cholesterol, and calories in your diet?

Answer: I think that understanding the serving sizes will help me to watch the amount of intake on a lot of things as well as getting me to stop eating something’s. I will also focus on the food that are better for me and my family. I t will also help our health I also hope that one day it will help me from becoming a full diabetic.

Week 2 DQ 1
The My pyramid plan shows the food groups and the right kinds of food to eat. It gives us a healthier diet plan. It gives six different colors to show us that we should eat something from each group every day. It is meant to show us the proper nutrients for our overall health. The guidelines you can follow from the pyramid are making half your gains whole. Eat different kinds of vegetables, and focus on fruit. Also, eat foods with little oil, eat, or drink calcium rich foods and drinks. Then when it comes to your meats and beans go lean with protein. I think that if we all followed this guideline we would all be healthier and more active. The narrowing of each color band from bottom to top represents moderation in food intake. We should eat food with little or no sugar and fats. Proportionality is symbolized by the varying width of each color band. A wider band generally suggests you should eat more foods from that group. Then narrower it get the less you should eat from that group. Week 2 DQ 2

I agree with you I think it is all a scam as well. I love pickles I can eat a whole jar in a day. When I was paginate I did. Then weird part is they told me it was ok to eat a lot of them then when reading this i realized it was not th best idea. I can't see myself taking a bite of a pickle and that's all I can have. Week 2 DQ 3

agree with you. There are a lot of thing to watch for when reading the food labels. By watching what we put in our body is a really good way to be healthier and live longer. I am a borderline diabetic so those are things we need to look for when reading food labels. Another one is carbohydrates they brake down into sugar Week 2 DQ 4

There are six different nutrients necessary for a healthy body. They are proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and Water. They are all equally important. I think that water is one that is a big part. We as humans can go weeks without certain vitamins and minerals before having serious deficiency symptoms. Dehydration can cause serious problems in just a few hours and kill you after a few days. Our bodies are 50 to 60 percent water. The water in our bodies is so important because it carries oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and is responsible for maintaining cells in working order. Protein is also a necessary for a healthy body. Protein plays a huge role in developing and repairing bone, muscle, skin, and blood cells. They are the key elements of the antibodies that protect us from disease, of enzymes that control chemical activities in the body, and of hormones that regulate body functions. Protein in the diet is vital to many body functions and ultimately to survival. These are the two I think are most important. Week 2 DQ 5

I know the feeling of trying to lose the baby fat. I didn't get to eat everything I want when I was pregnant. I had to watch everything I ate. The sad part is that after I had my daughter I tried to make up for it and that's what got me. I have lost weight now that I got my revenge on food.  Eating healthy after having a baby is important. Like you said you were running out of energy so you ate pasta. I have not done so well this past week.   Week 3 DQ 1

Some of the benefits of regular physical activities are it helps reduce breast and colon can...

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