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Maternal Child And Health Essay

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Maternal and Child Health: Hindrances and Factors Affecting its Improvement Marvin Gardner D. Taguiam
Institute of Nursing
Far Eastern University

The society of today consider the maternal and child health as a sensitive aspect of life. People are aware how important this stage of life is in everyone's whole being. From the mother getting pregnant, carrying her child normally up to nine months in her womb, until the day that the baby is born. The stages for a woman getting pregnant and having a healthy baby come out of this world sounds simple, yet in reality and in the state of environment that we have today, having a healthy and normal baby is not only considered a miracle, but luck as well. Yes, luck. Because we are aware that safe motherhood begins before conception, with good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, and with the services and programs that the Government offers us today, we know that it is something that is hard to be achieved. Government plays a vital role in prenatal and postnatal care of a mother and child. It is from the government where programs and projects would start, from being able to eat healthy, have access to safe reproductive strategies, to seek and have access to the appropriate medical services, and get educated on how to ensure that their life and the life of their baby remains healthy. However, poverty is still rampant, corrupt and selfish officials rule over the government, people focuses more on insignificant things that the new technology brings and they seem half asleep to what is really important in this world.  

Maternal and Child Health: Hindrances and Factors Affecting its Improvement

The Department of Health administered a s...

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