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Promote The Health And Physical Development Essay

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How you adapt your practice to meet the health and physical development needs of children, taking into account age, gender, ethnicities, individual needs and abilities In my setting I help to promote children’s health and physical development through daily routines and activities. In all my activities I have in mind that children are individual. I also make use the term “one size fits all” approach to do my planning. When planning I put into consideration, the age, gender, ethnicities, experience, ability and the specific needs of each child. I aim to give all children in the setting the opportunity to succeed and reach their highest level of personal achievement. I analyse the attainment of different groups of children to ensure that all children are achieving as much as they can. I also make ongoing assessments of each child progress. Other things that I put into consideration to help me achieve my aim are; layout, safety of equipment eg: not too many small pieces, Cleaning rota, flooring-carpet, laminated flooring for easy clean, toys and equipment that challenges children I also consider children cultural/religious practices eg: some clothes worn such as sari's can be difficult for PE, Adult ratio, dietary needs, training of staff-health and safety, health and hygiene, SchoolSAFE etc., access-are doors suitable for mobility aids. This question can also be link with 301K3C160 and 302K3H190

The type of indoor and outdoor activities that will encourage balance, co-ordination, gross and fine motor skills, manipulative skills and hand/eye co-ordination In my setting, I make use of environment and resources. I encourage children of all ages to play together happily because I understand the benefits of different types of play and I help children to experience play that will support their overall development. ACTIVITY

Push-and-pull toys, e.g. having dolly in a buggies

Climbing, frames, slides

Drawing and marks making with crayon, chalks, pencils

Jigsaws and puzzles

Pretend play i.e making tea, or cooking

Self dressing, including buttoning and unbuttoning own clothing

Riding bike and scooters

Kicking,throwing and catching a ball

Dancing and moving to music

Walking, Running, jumping and skipping

Threading and needling

Play dough

Computer moving the mouse

Water and sand play

Cutting with scissor

Standing, Hopping

In what circumstances you might change routines or activities, how you would adapt existing or planned activities or routines.

It is very important to actively plan to meet children’s need because there is otherwise a real danger that some children’s needs might be overlooked, so in my setting I put this into consideration. Activities are usually planned with a group of children...

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