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Personal Definition Of Health Part B Essay

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Personal Definition of Health Part B
By: Lisa Barrie
Macewan University
Oct 1, 2014
HLST 152 BN01
Kathleen Miller

Personal Definition of Health Part B
When I type in the word “health” into google it’s pretty interesting what results I receive. From the top 3 results the first is ( a site dedicated to giving advice about “healthy” recipes, sex/relationship, working out, and beauty advice. The second and third are Wikipedia ( and Health Canada ( respectively. Wikipedia gives the anatomical aspect of health saying “This article is about the human condition. For other uses, see Health (disambiguation).” Health Canada is advertising Halloween safety and encourages people to sign up to be a donor. These results represent what Canadians are looking at in regard to health. About a month ago I was asked to give my own definition of health. I had an idea of what health meant to me, but I never really sat down and specify what that word meant. So far my definition hasn’t really changed, instead it has become more detailed/organized, in comparison to the Marxist theory there are some agreements and disagreements that I have regarding health.

As mentioned earlier my definition of health has definitely became more thorough. A month ago, I explained traits that where part of my definition but not the definition its self. Health is a multifaceted concept, in other words my definition is more a model. The best way to describe my model of health is by creating a mental tree diagram. At the top we have the word health. Than it branches off into individual and community. Focusing on the individual it branches off into 3 concepts mind, body and spirit. When speaking about the mind it’s about emotional stability. Having a good balance of emotions means you’re not constantly happy nor are you always depressed. Mental stability is being able to see positive when life doesn’t go as plan and make the best of it. The body is the anatomical side of health. Meaning keeping fit by gaining good eating habits an...

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