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Health And Social Care Essay

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In this assignment I will look at three major theorists and discuss their theoretical approaches and how the model of their methods can be in health and social care settings. Define different three major theorists and theoretical approaches. In health and social care setting, there are different theoretical approaches that are used as counselling intervention. These help us to understand the mentality and process of human behaviour. These theoretical approaches are psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioural and humanistic approaches. Each of these approaches is based on certain assumptions and beliefs that focuses on defining of human nature and experience. Psychodynamic or psychoanalytic is the model of pioneers Sigmund Freud, his theoretical approach is about, understanding human behaviour and factors that motivate behaviour looking at id, ego and superego which are the three parts of the human psychological structure. Freud identifies id like a child, which often is impulsive and has to feed on the basic needs as it’s pacify. The ego is our conscious self of what is portrayed out for others. Freud suggests that the superego is our subconscious and acts as mediator of the id’s basic desire to make the ego that is socially acceptable and healthy. This psychoanalytic therapy looks into one’s subconscious drive and to what drives the problem presenting themselves through the ego of the conscious self. Subconscious processes are the roots of all forms of neurotic symptoms and behaviours. Which are neurotic anxiety and moral anxiety. Freud suggests that our superego has the capability of surpassing memories as a protective mechanism to our ego. Psychoanalytic is then used in the way to uncover what hidden subconscious in one’s memory using counselling and therapeutic process of free association, dream analysis, analysis of par proxies, resistance, regression using hypnosis and transference and these are all used to study the unconscious mind. Such therapy must be attempted in a controlled environment and where the therapist and their client has established a good working relationship. Psychodynamic is implemented as long term therapy

Cognitive Behavior Therapy
This model of therapy was pioneered by Aaron Beck as a cognitive theory of depression, which looked at negative thoughts that may reflect underlying dysfunctional beliefs and assumption. Albert Ellis contributed in a major way to the works of Beck by his development of humanism, philosophy and behavioural therapy as a major cognitive behavioural approach when he formed rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT). (Corey et al 2009 p274). The theory is founded on the belief that there exists a relationship between cognitive emotions and behaviours. This relationship affects how the individual experiences events and situation...

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