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Medical Marihuana Essay

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Charles Donner
Week 9 Final Expository Essay
Sheryl Braswell
Medical Marijuana
Throughout the world there have been many different studies on how to cure illness that have led to a medication called Medical Marijuana. Medications are not very effective as they can have many side effects, a very possible addiction problem, and/or death. Prescriptions are all meant to help cure one thing, but they may have many or few consequences, such as liver failure from taking too many of one prescribed medications. The same consequence and many others can be associated with alcohol as well as prescribed medications. However, now there is a new drug that has been known from studies to have a 0% death rate that is introduced in 20 states. This new drug is called Medical Marijuana. New York State’s passage of the bill is to allow New York State Residents the right to use/possess Medical Marijuana and will allow a new medicine with less consequences into the state and bring growth and profit as well. There are many states trying to get themselves out of debt and legalizing marijuana seems to be an efficient way of doing that. Bill # S02774A and Bill # A03802 are two of the bills going to the New York State Senate and the State Legislature to be passed to allow Medical Marijuana in the state of New York. With the Senate and State Assembly passing with votes of 42 in the...

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