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Health assessment thus plays an important role to provide information about one’s health. Assessment is the first step in the nursing process and includes collection, verification, organization, interpretation and documentation of data.(Sue C.DeLaune and Patriciak .Ladner,2011) Almost every admitted patient the first time required the implementation of the health assessment to determine their health condition to enable healthcare plans and implementation what they need to do. On way of organizing the information that nurse need to collect is by using a nursing framework .A framework for assessment , the nurse systematically collecting the physical, psychological, socio cultural and different aspects of the activities of living.

There are a number of organizing frameworks for collection of data. For example, the Gordon’s functional health patterns. Many health care agencies use an admission assessment format which assists the nurse in collecting data in specific categories of functioning.(Richard Hogston and Penelope M.Simpson,2002)

Most of the hospital and health care agencies have developed their own structured assessment tools. The following will be relatively compare by using Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns as framework between the assessment from health care setting is currently using about interview on an adult. Compare these two interviews in term of structure, comprehensiveness, and applicability.

Gordon’s functional health patterns, which are consistent with the human need philosophy, can provide a framework for nursing education. The eleven functional health patterns identified by Gordon’s are as follow: Health Perception and Management, Activity and Exercise, Nutrition and Metabolism, Elimination, Sleep and Rest, Congnition and Perception, Self-Perception and Self-Concept, Roles and Relationships, Coping and stress Management, Sexuality and Reproduction, Values and Beliefs. (Carol R. Taylor, Priscilla Lemone, Carol Lillis, Pamcla Lynn, 2008)

These functional health patterns areas allow gathering and clustering of information about a patient’s usual patterns and any recent changes in order to decide if the patient’s response is functional or dysfunctional. If the assessment is effective or positive that will not have to deal. If the results of the assessment is invalid or negative that will have to deal with through nursing c...

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