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Analysis of Glycated Hemoglobin by HPLC Technology
Shalini Kini Product Specialist

Diabetic EpidemiologyWhere Do we Stand!?!

World Scenario

* IDF Diabetes Atlas 5th Edition 2012 update.

Did U Know!!??!
One Adult in Ten will have diabetes by 2030!!!

Year 2012

Year 2030



• India Ranked Second in the world in Diabetes Prevalence, behind China.

*IDF Diabetes Atlas- Fifth Edition

Comparative Diabetes Prevalence:

HbA1c- An Indicator!!??


Hemoglobin Fractions

Glycohemoglobin - HbA1c

HbA1c as Diagnostic Tool
• HbA1c as an Indicator of glycemic control, recommended for diagnosis of Diabetes by ADA in 2010.

Test Results are not affected by - Time of the Day - Meal Intake - Exercise - Just Administered Diabetes Drugs - Emotional Stress

HbA1c level correlates well with risks of Diabetic complications.

[Reference: American Diabetes Association Clinical Practice Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes - 2010 Diabetes Care 2010;33, suppl.1: S4-5.]

Why Use HbA1c Vs OGGT/FPG!?
• • • • • The patient does not need to be fasting HbA1c is standardized and aligned to DCCT Better index of overall glycemic exposure and risk for long-term complications Substantially less biologic variability/ pre-analytic stability Relatively unaffected by acute (e.g., stress or illness related) perturbations in glucose levels

NIH Publication No 11-7816 Sept 2011.

HbA1c Standardization

Need for Standardization
• 1993: Diabetes Control & Complication trial (DCCT), correlated chronic complications of Diabetes to degree of glycemic control with HbA1c as an Index. April 1993: American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) estd HbA1c Standardization Subcommitee. Goal: To relate Individual Lab HbA1c results to those of DCCT, where relationships of HbA1c values to MBG and to risks of complications has been established. 1996: National Glycohemoglobin Standardization Program (NGSP) implements rec...

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-180 -2001 -2011 -4 -5 -7816 -8 /atlasmap/atlasmap /diabetesatlas/5e/update2012 /dm/pubs/control/dcct-edic_508.pdf 0.09148 1 1.6 1.7 1.9 10 100 101.2 11 12 125 126 129 14 140 1477 15 154 179 18 183 199 1993 1995 1996 2 2.1 2.152 2.8 200 2000 2001 2003 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2030 21 212 241 270 29 299 31 321 33 37 4 4.3 4.5 405 412 5 5.2 5.7 5.9 5th 6 6.1 6.4 6.5 6.8 62 63.01 64 69 7 7.1 7.6 72 8 8.2 811 89 9 93 a1a a1b a1c aacc ab abnorm acarbos accept access accord accuraci acut ada addit administ adult affect affin alc align allow alon also american amino analysi analyt antibodi april area artifici assay associ atlas attach automat averag aweak b base began behind berlin better bind bio bio-rad biolog bmoder bound bstrong buffer calcul calibr cap cardiovascular care cartridg case cerebrovascular certain chain chang charg chemic chemistri china chosen chromatogram chromatographi chronic clin clinic colleg column commit communiti compar complet complic compon compound comput concentr condit consensus contain control convers correl count coval cv d day dcct death decim decreas degass degre deriv detect detector develop diabcare1998 diabet diagnosi diagnost diff differ dilut diseas displac district drug due e e.g eag easd easili edic edit effect efficaci elut emot ensur environ epidemiologywher equat essay establish estd estim everi exam exampl exchang exercis exposur express eye f fast feder fetal fifth first flow follow follow-up fpg fraction fragment function general ghb globin glucos glycat glycem glycohemoglobin goal goe gold good grade gradient group h hb hba hba0 hba1c hbc hbc1c hbd hbe hbe1c hbf hbs hbs1c health hemoglobin hemoglobinopathi high higher highest hplc idf ifcc ifg igt ii ill immunoassay implement import imprecis improv includ incorrect increas index india indic individu infarct influenc inject injector intak interact intern interpret introduc ion ion-exchang ionic ispad j kini know la1c lab less level like liquid long long-term longer low m macrovascular manag manual manufactur master matter may mbg meal mean measur medic meet metformin method methodolog mg mg/dl microcolumn microvascular miglitol migrat mix mixer mixtur mmol/mol-no mobil moder molecul myocardi nation need negat nephropathi neuropathi ngsp niddm nih non normal nsgp number nutrit oggt/fpg one output overal p3 path pathol pathologist patient peak peer percentag perform peripher person perturb pg phase physic plot point poor popul portion posit positivit practic pre pre-analyt precis presenc present preval prevent probabl problem product profici program properti prospect public pump rad random rank rather reactiv receiv recogn recommend reduc refer regardless relat relationship report reservoir resin restrict result retinopathi rise risk rt s11 s11-s61 s4 s61 safeti salt sampl sampler scenario second seen separ sept set shalini shape si signal site size solvent speci specialist specif specifi stabil stand standard start state statement stationari stress strong stronger structur studi subcommite substanti suffici superior suppl suppl.1 survey symptom tabl target techniqu technolog ten term termin terminus test thalassemia therapi thus time today tool total traceabl treatment trial type u uk ukpd unaffect unit unsatisfactori updat ur use util valu variabl variant variat various vascular versus visual voltag vs way weak well within work world worldwid x year ß ß-globin αλ βμϑ γ γ-globin ετ ιμ στραττον