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How To Keep Healthy Essay

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Maintain healthy eating habits. Avoid fad diets like the plague; to get all the nutrition the human body needs, eat carbs, protein, and fat (yes, even fat!) at every meal.[1] By doing so, you'll have a healthy heart, healthy brain, and a fully functional immune system. Eating highly varied foods will also help insure you get all the vitamins, minerals, oils, and enzymes your body craves. Sleep well every night. Adults should get 7 to 9 hours daily, whereas school-aged children should get 10 to 11.[7] One of the absolute most important ways of improving the quality of your sleep is to do it in complete darkness, as even small amounts of light interfere with the chemicals that tell your body to rest.[8] If you can’t eliminate the light in your room, wear an eye mask. Anot...

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