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Memorial Health System CPOE Implementation
Joyce A. Holt
July 02, 2012
Steven Fowler
Memorial Health System CPOE Implementation
In going through the case study of the Memorial Health System CPOE Implementation it is apparent that the direction of the implementation was developing trouble from the onset of the proposal and the evaluation (Wager, Glaser, 2009). The first problem that is apparent is the lack of belief in the project. When the board approved the CPOE initiative and appointed the champions of the project the CEO Fred Dryer and CIO Joe Roberts there was already opposition from some of the stakeholders about this project. The physician believed the CPOE system would create more workload for them as well as this system reducing the physician to secretaries. To minimize the effect of this indicator a physician would have been appointed as a champion of this project to serve as an advocate of the system (Wager, Glas...

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