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Robotics Within The Medical Field Essay

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Robotics Within the Medical Field

Healthcare has come a long way during the past 10 years in the sense that people can be helped more accurately and precisely. Robotics has stormed the medical scene and is now starting to be implemented in a vast amount cases and studies. While they are not common they are certainly being tested more now in the attempts to better serve every single patient. They have robotics that allow for the doctor to use a surrogate around the hospital, robots that lift people because they could be too weak or ill, and they even have robots that are so precise that they can be used in heart surgeries. All these inventions are attempts to better human kind and at the same time they allow us to continue our daily lives with little to no hindrances. With this link it also has the great potential to keep families together, create new ones or even bring families even closer.

In 2006 the world’s first unassisted heart surgery took place and to top things off doctors were overseeing the robot was in Boston while the patient was in Milan, Italy. The fifty minute surgery was passed out on a thirty four year old patient, which was...

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