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Please complete the following:  
1.  Select correct answer
2. Provide rationale
3. If you complete all successfully, all points will be awarded. 4. Total points:  34 1pt for correct answer, 1 pt for rationale

1.  Select the example of tort.
a. The primary nurse does not complete the plan of care for a patient within 24 hours of the patient’s admission. b. An advanced practice nurse recommends that a patient who is dangerous to self and others be voluntarily hospitalized. c. A patient’s admission status is changed from involuntary to voluntary after the patient’s hallucinations subside. d. A nurse gives a PRN dose of an antipsychotic drug to a patient to prevent violent acting out because the unit is short staffed. Rationale:

2.  A patient states, “I’m tired of all these therapy sessions. It’s just too much for me.” Using supportive confrontation, the nurse should reply: a. “It will get better if you just keep trying.”

b. “You are doing fine. Don’t be so hard on yourself.” c. “Tell me more about how the therapy sessions are too much.” d. “I know you find this difficult, but I believe you can get through it.” Rationale: 

3. What is the best analysis of this interaction?
Patient: I get discouraged when I realize I’ve been struggling with my problems for over a year. Nurse: Yes you have, but many people take even longer to resolve their issues. You s...

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