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Health Promotion Program Before School Breakfast Club Essay

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Health Promotion Program
Denise Fitzgerald
April 2, 2011
April Doctor-Smalls

Health Promotion Program
Before School Breakfast Club

• To promote health and wholeness by providing a healthy breakfast for students during the school week. • Only healthy choices will be made available thus promoting good nutrition and healthy eating choices. • Students will be shown the link between eating a healthy breakfast and improving grades and test scores. • Students who cannot afford to pay for breakfast will be covered under the free/reduced lunch program. Today many students come to our schools without eating breakfast. They are tired and by the time classes get started most of them are thinking about their stomachs. Studies have shown that students who do not eat breakfast have a harder time concentrating and not being able to work at their full potential. Studies have also shown that children who consistently go without eating a healthy breakfast are more likely to be obese and have a palethera of health problems. According to the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health there are four main benefits of creating a breakfast club in the schools and they are as follows: • “Improving health and nutrition”

• “Improving children’s education”
• “Meeting children’s social needs”
• “Improving and supporting parent and family life.” (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health 2009) The targeted group that will most benefit from a breakfast club are students who come from homes where either their parents need to...

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