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Health Care Spending Paper Essay

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Health care spending in the United States have changed over the last year. The current national health care expenditures are explained. Whether, the spending is to much (high), or not enough (low/slow). If the nation should add or cut some things and why do I believe this to be. The needs of the public has increased but the who optimally pays for these services. The future needs of the health care system, and how this should be addressed. The national health care spending in the United States start with the health care expenditures. This is when data is collected to measure the annual health spending based on the type of services was delivered, such as a nursing home, a physician office, or a hospital. Then it looks at how the services were paid, an example of this would be the insurance companies, Medicare and Medicaid and they also look at the out-of pocket payments. When this information is collected the government looks a broad range of things such as the different ages for the services. The way the ages are broken down is by children (0-19) adults (20-64) and, seniors (65 and older). Another collected data is the state expenditures which add in the number of residents in an area that services as needed. The last thing that is collected is the how many sponsors are paying for the healthcare expenditures. This data will determine how much everyone will pay for their health care services. The current level of the national health care expenditures is moving slow. According...

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