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Health Data Management Task 4 Final Essay

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Health Data Management
Task 4
Karen Westbrook
Student ID# 000186792

In reviewing Diane’s “Survey Readiness Scenario”, it is clear that there are compliance deficiencies with multiple standards. Below is a brief listing of those found. Standard IM.01.01.01- Information Management Planning

Diane noted in her review, that the team that participated in the initial EHR adoption project were only temporary. In project management, both at the initial roll out and for continued support of further implementation, a plan is to be in place to designate # of staff needed, what positions and roles/responsibilities, as well as the cost of having said staff. The cost of staffing, whether permanent or temporary has to be taken in to consideration in the over all project plan and budget. Standard IM.01.01.03-Continuity of Information

Diane found, in her review, two areas that are impacted by this standard. 1) She could not locate, in her facilities HIM Policy and Procedures, the policy that addresses the backing up of information on the electronic information system. 2) Her facility utilizes a large group of Locum Tenens physicians, and it was noted that there was not a procedure in place that documented how this group of physicians would, in case of unexpected power outage, manage their information workflow. Standard IM.02.01.01-Protecting Privacy of Health Information There were two areas found to be lacking that impact the achievement of this standard. Per Diane’s review, her department’s release of information policy, (ROI) needed updating because it did not address the releasing of documents that are only stored electronically. She also found that they needed to ...

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