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Ha Ha Medicine Essay

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‘Ha Ha’ Medicine
As it grew wintrier, I wasn’t even half as much regular in my morning walks, as those laughing old-fellows visiting garden at about same hour as me. They were charming quartet of septuagenarians, with gleamy pates varyingly covered by fringe of hoary hair. They together constituted a laughter club. They would laugh boisterously, every time bending their back, throwing arms behind in an unstrained slant, letting out raucous guffaws as if deriding the weird world they happen to be born to. Sound of their bellowing laughter, carried through the crisp morning air laden with aroma of luxuriant verdure, echoed a spirit of abandonment. Even as I was getting hooked to their unfailingly regular presence, one fine day, the foursome disappeared. They did return a week later, but not all four, there was one less. The trio now took up its laughter drill with same assi...

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