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Nutrition And Health Essay

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Name:Pauline Caldicott

Please note that this Assessment document has 11 pages and is made up of 4 Parts.

Part 1: Know the nutritional needs of children and young people

1. You have been asked to prepare nutritional information for the following people:

George, a 4-year-old boy
Callum, a 15-year-old boy.

Complete the table below with relevant information / values for each person.

This person’s energy requirement is...
This person’s nutritional requirements are...
Nutritional recommendations for this person are...
George, a 4-year-old boy

920 kcal – 1300 kcal

3 servings of carbs
2 servings of fruit, veg dairy and protein
Fish and lean meat , vegetables and fruit , Milk and Dairy foods and some starchy foods Callum, a 15-year-old boy

1800 kcal – 2700 kcal

8 servings of carbs and 6 of fruit and veg . 6.612 of protein and 3 dairy Lots of fruit and vegetables Fish and lean meat, not too many sugary foods . Milk and dairy foods and some starchy foods

2a) Use the table below to plan a day’s healthy menu for George, the 4-year-old boy from Question 1. Your menu should include three meals, two snacks and drinks.

Which food groups?
Meal 1 breakfast
100 ml of milk

Meal 2 lunch
Wholemeal roll with cheese and salad
Fruit salad

Carbs, fruit and veg and dairy
Meal 3 dinner
Roast potatoes
Cabbage carrots

Protein , carbs and veg
Snack 1

½ banana

Snack 2



100ml milk
Diluted juice


2b) Explain why the chosen meals and snacks are appropriate for George.

I have chosen these freshly prepared meals due to the nutritional value and the variety of foods. Chicken dinner is a great meal and a variety of different vegetables can be had within the one meal, great for texture and for taste. Snacks are great for on the go and provide the nutrition and vitamins that ...

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