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Medictest Laboratories Essay

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Medictest Laboratories Case Study Analysis
COMM 1006
Jacob Gramigna

COMM 1006: Management of Organizations I
CASE: Medictest Laboratories

SUBMITTED BY: Jacob Gramigna
SUBMITTED TO: Austin Davey
DATE: Wednesday, October 8th 2014

Executive Summary
This case was Medictest Laboratories experiencing a tough situation that many companies often come across, where they must make cuts to the staff while minimally effecting the efficiency of the workplace and team morale. Big cuts have out Jean Kelley in need of implementing a new organizational system, which requires the release of 5 long time supervisors. Jean must go about these dismissals with care, as to do so without losing productivity among the workers, morale within the company, and demonstrate a following of the company’s key values. These all follow the ideas of mutual trust, openness, concern for others, and respect of the individual, when looking at the human relations side of the mission statement. The alternatives presented include sending personalized letters to each dismissed supervisor notifying them of their termination of employment, and having the new supervisors introduce themselves to their departments and inform their employees of the situation. Another option discussed is having a group meeting, involving all supervisors, where they will be informed of who is being terminated as well as given the opportunity to contribute the implementation of the new system, followed by the new supervisors taking the time to explain the reformed system to the employees of which they are now responsible. The final, and recommended alternative involves Jean and human relations having individual meetings with each of the supervisors, where they will take opinions on how to implement the new system if the supervisor is interested, and those will are being dismissed with be informed of their case. Each supervisor, under the old syst...

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