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Senior Project On Home Health Care Essay

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Michelle Gibson
Mrs. Milstead
Senior English-Period 5
January 14, 2013
The Human Skeleton
Stein, Lisa. “Structure.” The Complete Human Body. Washington, D.C.: National Geographic
Society, 2009. 34.Print.
The Human Skeleton is made up of two-hundred six bones of different shapes and sizes. “The major tasks are to support the body, provide a frame-work for the muscles to enable movement and shelter the internal organs.” Twelve pairs of ribs curve around the chest cavity from the spine protect the heart, lungs, and organs of the upper abdomen. Certain bones of the body have major jobs to do; for instance: “the spine protects the delicate spinal, the pelvis protects the uterus and the bladder, and the skull safeguards the brain” (Stein 70). The purpose of this article is providing knowledge about the skeleton and some functions of major bones. Stein says “the skeleton enables humans to stand upright and to resist the constant pull of gravity.” This information in this article is relevant because it connects to my project and will better my knowledge about the human skeleton. I know this information is reliable because the bone structure is the base to the human body which rarely changes, only in special needs. This article is written for people who are interested in gaining knowledge about the human skeleton. This source is reliable; the skeletal system is not going to change. This information is helpful for my senior project by helping me gain knowledge about major bones and their functions. I need to this information because when you’re working with patients, not just old people, but...

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