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The Legalization Of Medicinal Marijuana Essay

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 Devin Hollinger
Political Science 202
Final paper
The legalization of medicinal marijuana has been an issue discussed for many years. Although there are many for and against the legalization of cannabis for people that need it, 18 states have already passed laws doing just that, and 2 have made it legal completely. This is a big step in the direction of nationwide legalization, but there are still more steps to go. Although the state laws allow medicinal cannabis to be grown, sold, and used, the federal government still recognizes it as a Schedule 1 Narcotic. So, while some states see the plant as helpful and healing, the government classifies it along with heroin and methamphetamines. As controversial as this issue may be, I think that by getting a bill passed that legalizes medicinal marijuana for the country would have many benefits to the citizens and government both. The first and foremost issue about medicinal cannabis is the health benefits and downsides to it. There are over 1 million marijuana patients in the U.S. that believe in the healing effects of cannabis. The major health benefits of cannabis are: Treats migraines- cannabis can quickly and effectively relieve the pain of migraines. Slows down tumor growth- studies have proven that cannabis can slow down the spread and growth of tumors, and help halt the spread of cancer cells. Helps symptoms of chronic diseases- marijuana can ease the pain of many chronic diseases, and is preferred by many because there are no side effects. Treats glaucoma- cannabis relieves the pressure on the optic nerve caused by glaucoma. Prevents seizures- cannabis prevents the seizures caused by epilepsy. ADD and ADHD- it helps calm those with ADD/ADHD so they can focus on tasks. PMS- cannabis treats and helps most symptoms caused by PMS better than other medication. Cannabis has been proven by studies to help with all of those medical conditions, and many minor conditions like insomnia, depression, and minor to severe pain. It is obvious that this plant helps many people with their conditions, and doesn’t have any of the negative side effects that most pharmaceuticals do. It is a medicine that has been around forever and needs to be available to everyone suffering from anything that cannabis helps. The second big issue about marijuana being legalized that many people look at are the financial benefits and downsides to it. It has been proven in the states that have legalized medicinal cannabis that it is a good money making business. The profits from selling marijuana can be used to benefit the state, by funding schools, hospitals, etc. Also, it eliminates the need for people having to find a dealer, and in turn keeps more people out of prisons, saving more money. Another reason that legalizing marijuana would be fin...

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