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Physical Therapy

Report Date: 27/09/2013


Report prepared for:
Hugh J. Campbell
Shannon House
Custume Place

Patient Name:
Marital status: single
Date of Birth:
Occupation: carpenter Currently at Work: Yes
Height: 178 cm Weight: 85 kg

Date of Accident: 29/08/2013
Date of Most Recent Examination: 26/09/2013
Report Date: 27/09/2013

Brief details of the accident

Mr Murray had an accident when he fell injuring his shoulder.

This happened when he climbed up a ladder on a scaffolding. When he was at about 2 meters high, piece of timber fell from the building side on Mr Murray’s head. He tried to protect himself, let go of the ladder and fell down. Mr Murray landed on his bottom while trying to catch the piece of timber with outstretched arms. The heavy piece of timber landed in his right hand, and he rolled to his right side.

Mr Murray states that he injured his right shoulder as a direct result of the fall. He also feels that his neck is stiff and painful since the incident.

Medical History

Mr Murray reports that he has good health keeps fit and active.

He does not smoke and drinks only occasionally.

He broke his left cheekbone in march 2010. This occurred during a tackle in a friendly football match. His friend brought him to A&E room in Portiuncula Hospital in Ballinasloe, where he had an X-ray, which revealed fractured cheekbone.

Subsequently he had surgery in St.James Hospital in Dubl...

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