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Medical Technology Essay

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Medical Technology

      Technology and its effects have brought the greatest changes to our lives, societies and environments.   Technology has helped developing more advanced economies and lessening physical barriers to communication and allowing humans to interact on a global scale through the inventions of printing press, telephones, computers and finally the Internet. However, technological developments such weapons and nuclear bombs have multiplied the destructive power and pollution on societies.   One technological change that may have the largest effect on our lives today is the rapid growth of medical technology. Three main effects that medical technology has impacted our modern society are prolonging lifespan, improving quality of health care and promoting nation’s economic growth. Medical technology is referred as the procedures (e.g., angioplasty), equipments (e.g., MRI, CT Scanners) and processes (e.g., electronic medical records) by which medical care is delivered.   The first effect that medical technology has brought to our society is extending life expectancy.   For example, technology have changed health outcomes over time is in the treatment of pre-term babies, for which very little could be done in 1950.  But by 1990, changes in technology, including special ventilators, artificial pulmo...

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