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Dresding Medical Case Essay

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Dresding Medical

Since founding her company over ten years ago, Dr. Laura Dresding had never been either so anxious or so enthusiastic about the future of Dresding Medical (DM). The company had enjoyed considerable success, both financial and in terms of market share by designing, manufacturing and supplying a range of medical equipment to hospitals and clinics throughout the USA. Starting with cardiovascular devices, their range expanded to include neurological stimulators and monitoring diagnostic devices.

‘Success has come largely from our research and development culture. Although around 50 per cent of our total manufacturing is done in-house, our core competence is an ability to understand the needs of clinicians and translate those into our products. We were among the first to expand the range and functionality of this type of equipment and integrate it with sophisticated diagnostics software. Admittedly our products tend to be relatively highly priced and we are coming under some cost pressures, but because of our technical excellence and our willingness to modify equipment to individual customer needs, we avoid too much pressure on our prices’.

DM’s ope...

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