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Health Related Quality Of Life Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to explore the concept of health related quality of life (HRQoL) by studying a client situation in my clinical practice. My client’s name and hospital location will be kept confidential. I will be describing my client situation, discussing my rationale for choosing the concept and interpreting what quality of life means to my client. I will also identify specific nursing interventions that may facilitate adaption to their experience, and how this learning experience will positively influence my future nursing practice. Description of the Client Situation

In week two of my clinical practice, I received a 56-year-old male client who had undergone a total left knee replacement surgery due to osteoarthritis - a “slowly progressive noninflammatory disorder of the diarthrodial (synovial) joints.” (Roberts, 2010) The total knee replacement required inserting a prosthetic joint in replacement. Hockey may have been the cause of his secondary osteoarthritis because strenuous exercise that involves quick stops, pivoting and repetitive physical activities overuses the knees, causes cartilage deterioration and has been associated with higher risks of knee osteoarthritis (Roberts, 2010). My client stated that he was bothered by osteoarthritis and it affected his daily life activities, social life and work. Rationale for the Choice of the Concept HRQoL is the overall satisfaction that people have with their health. My client had pain and frustration for not being able to move around before surgery. He stated this has caused great inconvenience for social engagements and family relationships and he held low self-esteem and was not very happy. I chose to study this patient to learn more about the impacts of his illness on his quality of life. I hope it can offer some insights on the concept ...

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