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Asn 7 Apollo Telemedicine Essay

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Assignment 7: Apollo Telemedicine
(10 points)

1. What was the problem that ATNF was trying to solve in India? Will a similar solution work for Peru? Why or why not? (3 points) People in rural areas in India didn’t have access to best health care methods or the quality of service they got was not up to the mark. Neither the people nor the local consultants had the access to specialists or modern techniques. Patients had to travel to urban areas to consult any specialist. So, ATNF was trying to bridge that gap of accessibility and improve the quality of service. Major problems were: Shortage of physicians, nurses and health care facilities—One physician per 1000 people 70% people in rural areas had no access to medical care or 700 million people had no direct access With the disease incidence rate increasing at an alarming rate awareness campaigns were still conducted in the traditional way of consultants travelling to places Yes, a similar system would work well for Peru because:

The mobile penetration rate in Peru is 110 and internet penetration rate is 39.2 whic...

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