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Community And Population Health Task1 Essay

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Community And Population Health Task 1
San Diego County

April 19, 2013

Community Assessment
San Diego County is in Southern California. Mountains, beaches and deserts are all within an hour’s drive from anywhere in the county. San Diego is the second largest city in California measuring 4200 square miles. Average temperatures are 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit year round. (Wikipedia, 2013) We have warm dry summers and mild winters with relatively low rainfall averages (when compared to other cities) of 10-14 inches. Air quality in San Diego is ranked as good to moderate. San Diego’s drinking water is poor, ranking 9th of 10 cities with the worst drinking water in the nation. (County of San Diego Public Health Services, 2013)   In 2011 population of the city of San Diego was 1,113,516 people with 50.5% males and 49.5% females. The birth rate per 1000 people from 2000-2006 was 15.6. The death rate per 1000 people from 2000-2006 was 6.8. There are about 4,000 people per square mile in the urban parts of San Diego County.   The median age is 33.6 years old. San Diego’s population consists of 45.1% white, 28.8% Hispanic, 15.6% Asian, and 6.3% black.  Out of those over 15 years of age, 35% are single, 47.5% are married, and 17.5% are separated, widowed or divorced. The population went up by 1.11 million in 1990 and 1.22 million in 2000. 54% are democrats, 44% are republicans. The median household income in 2009 was $59,901. Out of those over 25 years old, 82.8% have at least a high school diploma , 35% have a Bachelor’s degree, and 13.4% have a Graduate degree. Unemployment in 2...

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