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Health And Social Essay

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Unit 1 principles of communication in adult social care settings.

There are many reasons why people communicate; interacting with other people is a good way of socialising and showing feelings. Also to build relationships and trust communication is essential, therefore being able to communicate is a big part life. To be able to ask questions n find information out about different topics communication with other people is needed. 1.2

Good communication with colleague’s is a big part of working in the care industry to work together as a team and to be able to understand individual needs of residents and build trust between you and them. Also preventing misunderstandings by communicating well within your team is essential and will develop your own skills within the workplace. 1.3

When observing an individual’s reactions and have understood what you have said there are many different ways to tell, By the person giving you eye contact is a good sign that they have heard you, by facial expressions changing after or while you are speaking there...

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