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Determinants Of Health Essay

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Analysis of Two Community Facilities related to Two Determinants Of Health
To understand the determinants of health that occur in our society, we must first observe the ones that occur in our community. A tour of Fort Mcmurray has been conducted for the facilities that relate to the two specific determinants of health. These determinants include social support network and personal health practices and coping skills. (Potter & Perry, 2009). The United Ways of Fort Mcmurray (UWFM) is analyzed as a social network support and the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) is analyzed as a personal health practices and coping skills.

The Relation of The UWFM
The UWFM help communities by helping the individuals that live in it, because the sources of the community depend on the people who live in it. The UWFM’s mission is to “improve lives and build communities by engaging the individuals and mobilizing collective action.” (United Ways, pg# 1, 2010). The UWFM is an incorporated non-profit charity focused on improving the long term health of our community. The UWFM run the largest annual fundraising campaign in Fort Mcmurray in support of social agencies providing a vital part in network support and over 50 programs and services. (United Ways, 2010). Services

Over 50 programs and services the UWFM provide. Most of these services and programs are fundraising campaigns that are used to build capacity in agencies, that support families,youth, seniors and i...

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