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Healthcare Collaboration Essay

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Healthcare Collaboration

Healthcare collaboration, among professionals, has been a source of important communication in obtaining optimal treatment for patients. By promoting active participation amongst various caregivers, involved in a patient’s care, this helps to enhance desired goals, while promoting continuous communication among caregivers. Determining which type of collaboration to evoke in patient care can be difficult. There are two main types of collaboration in the aspect of patient care. The first involves communication with one specific type of healthcare providers this is known as intradisciplinary. These teams would include nurse-to-nurse communication or primary care-to-primary care collaboration. Second would be interdisciplinary involving multi-specialty collaboration and consideration, working together toward patient goals. Although intradisciplinary teams may only be a provider of one specific occupation, each member will have different levels of expertise. The expertise provided by the members allow for confidence by the patient in the care received. It is a way for less experienced professionals to communicate a lack of unders...

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