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Fight Pollution For Health Essay

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Fight pollution for health’s sake
Brief summary: The air pollution in Beijing is very serious. There is a marathon held in Beijing recently which is to promote health and fitness. However the event was held in foul fog. The tiny particles from smog that can imbed deep inside the lungs and cause severe health problems and affect the public health in Beijing. There are criticisms saying that Chinese government put the development of China a higher priority than protecting the health of nation’s people.

Comment: Beijing is the capital of China. There are a lot of infrastructure or industrial development taking part in Beijing. The rapid development in industrial sector causes a high emitting of harmful substances. The government doesn’t implement any strict regulation for the factories to follow. So as the factories want to maximize their profit, they will not install any scrubber for filtering the harmful substances before emitting to the air. As a result the air pollution in Beijing is very serious. The smog in Beijing will cause a lot of neg...

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