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Health History Essay

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Health History
Biographical: The client, P. P. is a 51 year-old female. Her date of birth is January 28, 1961, and she was born in Utica, NY. The client is of Italian-American descent. She is a registered nurse who currently works from home as a workers compensation RN, and holds a position in a labor and delivery unit at a local hospital. Chief Complaint/Present Health: P.P. suffers from seasonal and household allergies that lead to respiratory irritation, which requires rounds of steroids, inhalers, and antibiotics around the time the seasons change. Living in upstate New York, the spring, summer, and fall exacerbate these symptoms. Some household cleaning products such as oven cleaner, and bleach also bring out the allergy. The main symptom is a harsh, dry cough with some wheezing. This has not been a lifelong problem, starting about 3 years ago. She has had chest x-rays that were all thankfully negative, and has recently made an appointment with a Pulmonologist to rule out any other possibilities. Client states she feels generally well every day, with no chronic problems. Past History: This 51 year...

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