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Health And Social Care Essay

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Unit 3.
Barriers to accessing services. (18 Marks.)
I will be explaining exactly what the barriers are and relate them to my specific setting. For each barrier I will identify what the effects it has to the residents in the Yew Tree Nursing Home and Yew Tree as a whole setting. I will also be explaining how Yew Tree Nursing Home overcomes the barriers through good practice to promote a positive care environment. In my opinion I would say barriers means stop or prevent something. According to the dictionary a barrier means, “A circumstance or obstacle that prevents communication or that keeps people or things apart for example a language barrier or something that prevents progress or success for example the cultural barriers to economic growth.” (,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=a15916df00f85ecd&biw=784&bih=577). Some of the barriers to accessing care service are:

Different languages
Organisational barriers
Emotional barriers
Geographical barriers
Culture barriers
Financial barriers
Hearing disability.
Intellectual disability
Visual disability

Financial barriers.
Some of the residents in Yew Tree Nursing Home might feel that they can’t a...

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