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Health Care Museum Essay

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Health Care Museum

HealthCare Museum
Lisa Schirmeister
HCS 235/ Health Care Delivery in the U.S

During the evolution of healthcare there have been many changes done to improve the quality, knowledge and information that we have today. We will take a tour of the exhibits on five of the most significant developments in the evolution of healthcare in the United States.

Milestones of the US Health Insurance System 1800-2009

1800 to 1900: Insurance was purchased by individuals. 1847, Massachusetts Health Insurance Co of Boston was the first company to issue “sickness insurance” In 1853, the French Mutual aid Society established a prepaid hospital plan in San Francisco, California. This plan was like the modern day Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) 1900-1920: In 1913, International Ladies Garment Workers began the first unionized medical services. AT this time the National Convention of Insurance Commissioners drafted the first regulation of health insurance industry. 1920-1930- In 1929 a hospital insurance plan was developed for school teachers. The design of this plan became the model for Blue Cross. In 1930 they discussed the development of a national health insurance program. With the depression and World War II the funding was not available for this. In 1935 President Roosevelt signed the bill for “old age insurance”. This was to assist in those who were retirement age. 1940-1950 em...

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