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Undestanding Specificneeds In Health And Social Essay

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© OCR 2013
A pass grade is achieved by meeting
the requirements in the assessment criteria.
Learning Outcome (LO)
The Learner will:
The assessment criteria are the pass
requirements for this unit.
The Learner can:
LO1 Understand perceptions of health,
disability, illness and behaviour
1.1 analyse concepts of health,
disability, illness and behaviour in
relation to users of health and
social care services
1.2 assess how perceptions of specific
needs have changed over time
1.3 analyse the impact of legislation,
social policy, society and culture on
the ways that services are made
available for individuals with
specific needs
LO2 Understand how health and social
care services and systems support
individuals with specific needs
2.1 analyse the care needs of
individuals with specific needs
2.2 explain current systems for
supporting individuals with specific
2.3 evaluate the services available in a
chosen locality for individuals with
specific needs
LO3 Understand approaches and
intervention strategies that support
individuals with specific needs
3.1 explain the approaches and
interventions available to support
individuals with specific needs
3.2 evaluate the effectiveness of
intervention strategies for an
individual with specific need(s)
3.3 discuss the potential impact of
emerging developments on support
for individuals with specific needs
© OCR 2013
LO4 Understand strategies for coping
with challenging behaviours
associated with specific needs
4.1 explain different concepts of
challenging behaviour
4.2 describe the potential impact of
challenging behaviour on health
and social care organisations
4.3 analyse strategie...

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